Theme Status and Mockups on SVN

Theme Bugs Checked-In

Dao and Markus have already started to land bugs pertaining to the new theme/ui:


  • #544999 – New toolbarbutton style for the main window – You may have noticed this on trunk
  • #547752 – Adjust toolbarbutton paddings and margins for small and big icon modes


  • #546874 – New style for the bookmarks bar

Some new theme bugs have been filed


  • #548027 – Tweak New Toolbar Button Style to Match Designs
  • #546259 – enable aero glass for the main window
  • #549061 – [Windows] New Style for Tabs


  • #547787 – New style for the tab bar


Mockup Iterations now on SVN

I posted the mockup Photoshop files to an SVN repository:

This can be accessed through the web or with an SVN client.



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5 Responses to “Theme Status and Mockups on SVN”

  1. The_Assassin47 says:

    Thanks. The frequency of the updates is fantastic.

  2. Ken Saunders says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  3. Plymouth says:

    Some people complain that the monochrome buttons are not easily distinguishable. This may or may not be so, however, there’s an argument in favour of monochrome button: they don’t distract from the context. Browsers should highlight the content, and keep the UI out of the way. I like the monochrome design.

  4. Kurt says:

    Have you thought about not having the inactive tab aero glassed? It seems too hard to read with users wanting to use Aero Glass, especially on darker backgrounds.

    This new layout seems to discourage users from using darker background, as the text is way too hard to read.

  5. Gusar says:

    I see that with tabs-on-bottom in Linux there is still a menubar. Is this hardcoded or will it be possible to switch to an app button? I would prefer to have an app button but tabs-on-bottom. I have a setup with the Compact Menu 2 extension right now.
    Also, how will app button mode be implemented anyway? Like in Chrome, where the app draws it’s own window decoration? It’s the only way I see it can work in which case what will determine the color of the border? You should know not everyone uses Gnome/Metacity.