Theme Status (Timelines, Panels and Progress)

New Theme Project Status

The New Theme project page has been updated with an extended(and idealized) timeline. I plan on spending much of my time this week getting everything lined up and editing the timeline as necessary and monitoring it going forward.


Mac Theme Patches

Mac Theme Patches

Markus has posted some patches for the Mac theme including toolbar buttons, location bar and tabs.

Mac Theme Patches with Personas

It also works nicely with Personas.


Windows Theme Progress

Windows New Style Tabs

Dao has landed a patch for new tab styling.


Panel Styles

Last week I did some work on styling panels(specifically notifications) on various platforms. Something I have been meaning to do but was prompted by Gavin’s work on notifications and the need for split button visual styling.


[Panels] Windows - Glass Border
[Panels] Windows - Light w/Blue Border
[Panels] Windows - Start Menu-esque Blue/Grey
[Panels] Windows - Start Menu-esque Blue/Grey(Darker)
[Panels] Windows - Dark Grey/Black

Everyone on the UX team liked the Glass Border approach. It is consistent with Windows 7 taskbar panels(with the addition of the half-diamond) and feels lighter.

Download Panel

I also did some work on how this could look for panels outside of notifications like the talked about Downloads panel.


Mac Notifications Panel

An updated Mac notification panel with split button.


Linux Notifications Panel

Ideas for a styling the panels in Linux.


Other Theme Stuff

Edit Tray

Designed an edit “tray” that would appear when editing text.

Panel Indicator

Had some thoughts around indicating a button that would invoke a panel.

Fullscreen Sketch

Sketched out some of the UX Team’s fullscreen brainstorms.


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115 Responses to “Theme Status (Timelines, Panels and Progress)”

  1. PetitPrince says:

    Why is the keyhole in the Mac version gone ?

  2. Stephen says:

    @PetitPrince: It’s not. I just have small icons enabled.

  3. Joen says:

    Very nice work. I really like the direction Firefox 4 is going. Ten points.

  4. Dan says:

    The downloads panel looks great, especially the progress-in-button idea.

    I’m not sure about the edit tray though. This wasn’t based on the flawed Test Pilot results was it? The original analysis showed a high number of clicks on the Copy and Paste menuitems but actually they were mainly context-menu clicks. This is probably because the cursor doesn’t have to move very far from selecting text or focusing a field to the context menu. Other users will probably just use the keyboard shortcuts. As such, I don’t really see the need for this tray, unless there’s something I’ve missed?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Jan says:

    Very nice. Just a tip, for the Windows Download pop-up, make the white background have the pointer like the Aero has. Smaller and underneath it :)

  6. Caschys Blog says:

    Frische Optik für den Firefox…

    Vor wenigen Augenblicken habe ich die neuen Design-Ideen für den Firefox unter Windows, Mac OS X und Linux zu sehen bekommen. Wow, wenn das so kommt, wie ich es gerade gesehen habe, dann wird der nächste Firefox extrem sexy aussehen. Kleiner …

  7. Asa Dotzler says:

    I too like the glass border on the panels mock. I think trimming a pixel out of the width would help the proportions for panels. Is that possible with our widgets?

  8. Asa Dotzler says:

    Dan, I suspect it’s more following Microsoft’s lead. They’ve added similar controls in Office and presumably other edit-capable apps.

  9. Asa Dotzler says:

    Dan, I think it’s more along the lines of following the platform’s lead. Microsoft has added similar controls to many of their apps.

  10. tweeny says:

    I don’t like the fullscreen button, it is on a really annoying place, it seems ugly, and it has no extra functionality I think.

    btw, I love the rest of the mock-ups

  11. Patman21 says:

    Just want to say that i was skeptical at first about this new design, but you got me. I can’t wait to try it out. Looks amazing.

  12. These look wonderful, and I’m really excited about the new Firefox, but I have 4 very important questions.

    1. How will it look under Windows Classic?
    2. How will it look under XP?
    3. How will it look on Linux with a different theme?
    4. How will it look on Linux with a different window manager? (Give us KDE folks some love)

  13. C says:

    Innovative: Great!

    The only things I don’t like are the notification panel’s style
    and the absolute lack of a Fx Icon somewhere in the title bar / the Fx button.

    The Dark Grey/ Black style seems much less intrusive, but the overall Windows look IS intrusive, so I guess there’s no problem.

  14. Josh says:

    These are brilliant mockups, Stephen. I really like some of the ideas that you’ve all come up with. I’m really excited to see this finished.

    But there’s just one thing I’m confused about. Is there still going to be a version 3.7?

  15. Matt @ DVQ says:

    Great progress so far.

    For the downloads panel, I would suggest hiding some of the buttons/icons by default, such as the stop and magnify. And having them fade in, when the user hovers over the downloading/downloaded item. This way the UI would be cleaner and easier to navigate.

  16. Paradiesstaub says:

    When Firefox ask you if it should install a missing plug-in, please give us an opinion in the drop-down menu ‘ask never again to install this plug-in’. I don’t want to be asked again and again to install flash.

    My computer is a flash free zone :)

  17. These look great. One question though: is it intentional for dialogs like ‘remember the password’ to overlap with the page? Eg, FF3.5 continued loading pages rather than delaying the user with a modal dialog as in earlier versions of FF. FF3.5 also allowed people to browse through many pages before answering the dialog. My concern is that overlapping with the page is that it interferes with this in a way that FF3.5 didn’t.

  18. Colby Russell says:

    Matt @ DVQ: … and completely unusable for someone who doesn’t know they’re there. And you know, there’s talk about Fitts’s Law in HCI. Even for those who do know it’s there, imagine how much the time increases when you’re trying to hit a target you can’t even see.

  19. Kurt says:

    I hope there is an option to hide the full screen button. Looks ugly IMO.

    Also hopefully the edit tray is hideable so it never appears. I don’t want things popping up like then when editing anything, and just seems not necessary IMO.

  20. Mainer82 says:

    Can you post some screen shots of the bookmarks? Please don’t butcher it the way Chrome has.

  21. [...] Stephen Horlander, a visual designer with the Firefox team has posted some screenshots of the new concepts they are working on: Firefox 4: Panel Style Notifications Firefox 4: Linux [...]

  22. Ian says:

    I think the fullscreen button, if it’s included in the final version, should be next to the maximize button (if Windows allows it). They do very similar things.

  23. max says:

    Is it just me or do the New Tab Style not look like the mock-ups? The New Tab button is still the old one and the tabs look too high.

    The Downloads panel looks cool. Will the button always be there or pop up when a download is started? Maybe a animation to show where it is like Chrome?

    Panel Styles; I’d prefer one of the dark ones, maybe the blue tint one to match the toolbar buttons. I wonder what the download panel would look like with that background?

    The edit “tray”; I don’t know if people even need those buttons or use them, but if you insist I’d go for the top one.

  24. [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  25. Ferdinand says:

    Does the orange Firefox button mean that the title-bar will stay? I like how Chrome removes the title-bar and just puts the tabs on top. It saves 1920×20 pixels of wasted space and looks a lot cleaner.

  26. @max: is a bug filed to make them look exactly like the mock-ups, hopefully it gets fixed.

    Stephen, this looks great and I wish all of this could make it into Firefox. The sad thing is, that most things might just end up as dead projects. Please, try your best to make sure that this doesn’t happen to these ideas.

  27. Kai says:

    I really like the new additions, especially the download panel. As for the other panels, I’d definitely go for the glass borders.
    What I don’t like about it is the edit tray. As some said, I don’t think most people will ever need it, because they either copy/paste/cut by using the right-click menu or by using keyboard shortcuts, ctrl+c etc. Furthermore, I think it just adds more clutter to the theme. How should this feature be implemented in maximized mode? I thought the app button and window control buttons would be then positioned next to the tabs in the tab bar to save screen space?

  28. Stephen I really like some of the ideas of the new interface-design, but I can’t acclimatize me to the tabs position at the top ;o(

  29. [...] Rouget publica un tweet mostrando nuevas imágenes de Firefox 4.0. Échales un vistazo y juzga tu mismo, personalmente me está gustando mucho el aspecto que le están dando al navegador. ← [...]

  30. Pedro Santos says:

    These look great!
    Firefox is shaping up really nice. Gotta love that downloads panel.

  31. Peter Henkel says:

    Ubuntu: I wonder how are you going to handle scenario when tabs will be in titlebar. Firefox menu should shrink to small FX icon and I can’t imagine how it will looks on dark brown titlebar. Interesting, no doubt. :)

  32. [...] Here are some concept UI designs for the upcoming Firefox 4 (source): [...]

  33. [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  34. [...] Horlander, één van de grafische ontwerpers, heeft op zijn blog enkele screenshots geplaatst. Kijk hieronder even [...]

  35. x13 says:

    I hate changes!

  36. NLCLSL says:

    Please release it soon, I don’t wanna wait almost 1 year…

    I like the small buttons in the titlebar and the download pop up. Well, I like everything I see here. ;-)

    I hope, it’s coming soon, the new UI looks great.

  37. Stephen says:

    @x13: Me too!

  38. Natanael L says:

    I like the blue/grey and the dark grey/black panels. They look nice, I’d like them for displaying random info.

    The download UI has probably been too “dumbed down”. You don’t have anything saying how much total time there’s left, the “search icons” could do anything (what do they do? open the file’s folder?), and “Show all downloads” should say “Open downloads tab” or something like it instead. Please add a percentage counter.

    I LOVE the Linux UI! I just don’t like how you keep those window buttons to the left like in the next Ubuntu, that’s just being stupid. The Firefox icon should be displayed in the top left like it usually is in most windows. I really want it there, even if it’s just decoration. It makes it easier to identify the window quickly.
    As I have said before – please keep the tabs on the bottom of the top panels or let me move it there.

    Since many apps that I’ve seen where most options in a certain place performs an action (such as copy selected text) but one or a few open a window, there’s three dots next to it indicating that something will happen. If you add “…” on the bottom right to those icons that opens panels, I think most people will understand what they do on first sight.

  39. [...] Horlander, diseñador visual del equipo de Firefox, ha mostrado capturas de los conceptos a los que se van orientando para sacar la interfaz final de Firefox 4 – capturas que lo dejan [...]

  40. I don’t like it. FF should learn from Chrome!

  41. [...] seguir todas las instancias del proyecto, mientras que su diseñador Stephen Horlander presentó capturas que muestran los avances en el nuevo esquema visual del browser para todas las plataformas. Los [...]

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  44. Jan says:

    Great theme
    I am waiting for new version of firefox

  45. [...] foi divulgado na página do projeto indicando as diferentes etapas e as mudanças propostas. Stephen Horlander, um designer da equipe do Firefox, publicou algumas imagens de um novo design que estão [...]

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  48. [...] Enlace: Theme Status (Timelines, panels and progress) [...]

  49. Antonio says:

    This mockups look very nice. I really like the new download manager. I like the last notification mockup rather than the glass border one, but i also think that the glass border notification integrates better with Aero desktop style.

    And, I have a question: when FF is maximized, the empty window border over the tab bar remains? I think it’s better if, when Firefox is minimized, the border appears to make moving the window easier, and when FF is maximized, place the Firefox orange button next to the home tab. Then you can change the tab just moving the cursor to the top of the screen and clicking the desired tab. It’s easier than having to aim the tab before clicking it.

    PD: Sorry if i don’t express correctly in English, i’m a spanish student.

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  51. [...] hat Stephen Horlander, einst in die Entwicklung des Themes von 1.0 integriert, in seinem Blog ( neben bereits bekannten, auch zahlreiche neue Eindrücke anhand von Screenshots veröffentlicht. [...]

  52. [...] Uno de los involucrados en el proyecto, Paul Rouget, publica un tuit en el que da a conocer lo que podría ser el aspecto del navegador preferido por aquí: Firefox. [...]

  53. Hassan says:

    Perfection. Can’t wait for this update. The concept UI looks incredible. 10 out of 10!

  54. [...] Publicado el 21 Abril, 2010 a las 21:39 Uno de los involucrados en el proyecto, Paul Rouget, publica un tuit en el que da a conocer lo que podría ser el aspecto del navegador preferido por aquí: Firefox. [...]

  55. pako says:

    why no one makes a linux version also kde guess would look fantastic

  56. [...] na equipe do Firefox pela nova interface na nova versão, foi quem disponibilizou as mesmas em seu blog pessoal. Confira: #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; [...]

  57. koxx says:

    looks really cool cant wait to try it on my pc

  58. says:

    I like the mockups mostly.
    Just one thing came to mind:
    Putting the edit icons for text input at the top of the window seems rather contra-intuitive. That way the user will have to “move all the way up there” – in many cases with the pointer, in any case his very own visual and (due to the usual distance) mental focus.
    Having the icons appear next to a text input field (if it has a certain size) might be a better idea. Another option would be to replace/alter the right click menu of a text input field- to let the icons appear there instead of the current menu. That one would likly break add ons that mess with that menu though…

  59. Cy says:

    It would be much nicer if theres animation on tab dragging and moving etc. Thats one major feature lacks between other major browsers.

  60. SpewBoy says:

    I’ve got got some concerns about the notification styling with the aero borders. I think it would be a great idea and all, but is it actually possible to achieve? I didn’t think aero borders could be manipulated in such a way that you can have pointed arrows sticking out. Faking the borders without aero would look tacky so that’s a no go.

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  63. max says:

    @Cy, Stephen has made some mockups for rearranging tabs and a animation for tabs opening (they’re on a previous page), so they are looking to add these, but they might not have enough time to work on them. Hopefully they get them done for Firefox 4.

  64. [...] (y más imágenes de Firefox 4): Sin [...]

  65. [...] designansvarige Stephen Horlander har uppdaterat sin blogg Chromatic Pixel. I ett nytt inlägg avslöjar han lite i detalj det troliga framtida gränssnittet för [...]

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  67. Enverescape says:

    I love the downloads bar (as a big downloader) and the new linux theme goes PERFECT with Ubuntu 10.04 Beta!

  68. [...] Horlander, « Product Visual Designer » de l’équipe Firefox révèle en tout cas sur son blog, Chromatic Pixel, quelques images du prochain Firefox 4.0, actuellement en développement. Que ce soit sur Windows, [...]

  69. [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  70. [...] Los nuevos Mockups de Firefox 4.0 realmente te dejarán con ganas de tenerlo pronto descargado o actualizado en tu ordenador, las imágenes son diseños hechos directamente por el encargado de la producción gráfica de Firefox, Stephen Horlander, y en ellas se puede apreciar un diseño mas compacto y acorde con las nuevas versiones de los variados S.O. Por el momento desconozco para cuando estará disponible esta nueva versión de Firefox, los que sí tengo claro es que su nueva interfaz sera un agrado visual tenerla enfrente. [...]

  71. [...] Theme Status (Timelines, Panels and Progress) Take a look at some of the new work-in-progress themes that Firefox has in mind. Particularly snazzy: That new Download mockup. [Chromatic Pixel] [...]

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  79. vinitneo says:

    Love the mock-ups…. can’t wait to get my hands on Firefox 4

  80. [...] More info here. [...]

  81. [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  82. Aethec says:

    Do the App and Fullscreen buttons mean you’ll let addons have an icon in the titlebar ?
    That’d be awesome, since you could remove the statusbar then.

  83. [...] Potete vedere tutte le immagini nel blog di Stephen Horlander [...]

  84. [...] are constantly being added. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new user interfaces that they are working [...]

  85. [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  86. [...] со всеми данными интерфейса можно на официальном блоге Стефана Хорландера.  В своем посту он опубликовал [...]

  87. SooRandom says:

    [...] of attention for implementation. Stephen Horlander, a Visual Designer with the Firefox team, has posted screenshots of the new concepts that they are working [...]

  88. César says:

    Hello, I love Firefox 4.0 and in general the whole program, just trying to further improve its interface, which looks very sharp. Remember that Opera is very smart 10.51.

    Let the browser most elegant of the world’s best browser because we already have that title.

    Where can I download Firefox 4.0?

  89. [...] with the Firefox team has posted some screenshots o this new UI on his blog.  You can view them here. Categories : News, firefox Tags : firefox, firefox 4, mozilla, new UI, [...]

  90. jrk says:

    The Fennec-like urlbar is pretty cool (panel-notification-linux.png). I mean, it shows the title when it is not focused. How about showing host as well?

    * [] Joe User (joe) on Twitter

    This information would help to prevent spoofing/phishing.

  91. Tiago Sá says:

    The internet is always so very messy, but I’ll post this anyway, in regards to the edit text try type thing… thing.

    - It’s intrusive, and will be a distraction since it’s appearing and disappearing every time we select text (even outside an editable area);
    - Doesn’t really blend in the rest of the theme (this really bugs me, specially those contours things, they’re hideous!);
    - Are too far away from the action;
    - Are in a place that shouldn’t really be used for toolbars…
    - Are too close to other often used buttons, which will mean people will eventually click them by mistake. The problem of small buttons…

    - Can look neat and helpful and edgy.

    In the end, I don’t think anyone will really use them. Keyboard shortcuts are ALWAYS faster, and unexperienced users prefer the contextual menu. On the other hand, if the alternative to this is a whole edit menu button (as found in other browsers, substitute to the edit menu), then please, by all means, go ahead with this! And put in there some select all while you’re at it!

  92. [...] ChromaticPixel AKPC_IDS += "8014,";Popularity: unranked [...]

  93. PAULO NETO says:


  94. Fatih Atmaca says:

    I will it download it is a good work its is in firefox 4 html support.
    sorry for my bad english im from germany.
    I liked it and i will more from this strata buddy from addons website is not good it´s not this.
    Internet Explorer will with the version 9 support the Hardware is this in firefox 3.7/4.0 too?

    with friendly greetings

    Fatih Atmaca

  95. [...] Fonte: [...]

  96. [...] Horlander, který aktuálně v Mozille pracuje na na novém vzhledu Firefoxu 4.0, ve svém blogu uveřejnil pár aktuálních ukázek nového vzhledu. Jeho příspěvek je takovým mixem toho, co je již hotovo, na čem se pracuje a zmínil i pár [...]

  97. TheDeveloperInCSharp says:

    I like it too :-D Mostly the download-indicator. I agree with Fatih Atmaca and also want to know if there will be hardware support in Firefox 3.7/4 like in Internet Explorer 9.

    Greetings from Germany,


  98. [...] Essa é uma das preocupações dos designers do Firefox 4, como se pode ver nas imagens liberadas por Stephen Horlander em seu blog. [...]

  99. max says:

    Stephen, is this (543206) the bug for adding tab opening animations like the mockups you showed us? And if so, when do you think this will be added to the nightly builds?

  100. G13 Media says:

    The best IMO was the “Glass Border” makes me feel at home since im working on windows 7. Few colleagues of mine thought I was using Internet Explorer still. lol

  101. [...] scorso 20 Aprile, sono arrivate nuove notizie da parte di Stephen Horlander riguardo la futura interfaccia grafica di Firefox 4. I “master-designer” di Mozilla [...]

  102. Tommy says:

    If the download window popped up on the right of the window if there is room that way it doesn’t block any part of the firefox window.

  103. Sergio Henrique says:

    In download box see the unit of the velocity of download.

    Be carefull with the units! Kilo is with “k” in Lower case, because “K” in Upper case is for Kelvin unit.

    Please warm the Firefox developer team.


  104. I don’t have read the article sorry :( , i’m here because i don’t know where to post this mockup. Looking at you’re new linux mockup I think every new portable pc come with wide screen, so we need more space (for page visualization) from the top and the bottom so using the vertical tab maybe can be a solution, and either coping chrome is not the way to follow


    Sorry for my very bad english!

  105. mistertwol says:


    Those look great!

  106. Matt says:

    If this is the end result im switching from chrome, looks very good, nice UI move :D

  107. [...] Horlander hat derweil einen neuen Blog-Eintrag veröffentlicht, in welchem man konkrete Pläne für das neue Firefox-Design sieht. Interessantes [...]

  108. Oscar says:

    Your sketch is far better than the actual firefox 4 style, eliminating the menubar gives more “Web page space”, and that’s one of the biggest cons IMHO of the current Firefox. I mean, that’s why I and most of my coworkers (software development) use Chrome right now, so it would be great to see a super reduced panel in Firefox.

  109. [...] Imágenes del posible aspecto de Firefox 4.0 Publicado El 25 Abril, 2010 En Sin categoría. 0 Comments Mozilla sigue preparando lo que será Firefox 4.0, y hoy tenemos unas imágenes de la interfaz que podría tener. Estas imágenes vienen de Stephen Horlander, que está dentro del equipo de producción visual de Firefox. En estos mockups, vemos un diseño más compacto, y mejor integrado con el sistema operativo. El panel de descargas se integraría en un sólo botón, un nuevo diseño de las notificaciones, menos intrusivas, integración con el tema Aero de Windows 7, barra de progreso en las pestañas y una bandeja de opciones rápidas para la edición de texto. Desde luego, unas imágenes que nos dejan a todos con las ganas de que ya saquen la versión 4.0. Pero todavía hay que esperar, ya que de momento están trabajando en la versión 3.6.4. Podéis ver el resto de las imágenes en el blog de Stephen Horlander. Vía | aNieto2k Más información | Stephen Horlander [...]

  110. John says:

    Love the new theme, especially the curved edges on the tabs. I wonder if you guys can eliminate the empty space between tabs? If you eliminate that space, it would preserve clarity, which is achieved well enough by the names and icons showing each tab, and also it would make the tab bar feel cleaner and less cluttered.

  111. Rafael says:

    It makes me quite mad some of the possibilities I’m seeing.

    I found utterly stupid the way IE 7 managed favorites, with that floating panel that didn’t stay still and, to boot, obstructed the page contents. Are you heading in that direction? (Smart!) If so, will that be the default and what will be the alternatives?

    Edit “tray”
    Why bothering distracting the user by showing icons for the very few actions that have consistent shortcuts, across platforms? If you so want to clutter the design, I would ask you to NOT do it by default but as an optional flag in about:config.

    The rest, on the other hand, looks quite good, specially the progress bar on the tabs –even more if we could choose how bright and/or what colors it should use (so as to not distract users).

    The rest, on the other hand, looks quite good, specially the progress bar on the tabs –even more if we could choose how bright and/or what colors it should use (so as to not distract users).

  112. [...] | aNieto2k Más información | Stephen Horlander Anunciate aquí MAX_show('CP3'); var sizepostad = $("#roba-post .ad").height(); if ( [...]