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The Design Evolution of Firefox 4

My original plan was to write an entry with a general overview of the UI changes in Firefox 4. However Limi’s excellent post covers that nicely.

Instead I decided to go through all of the design mockup iterations and make a slideshow.*

Warning: Lot’s of images! Might take a bit if you have a slow connection

Slideshow Thumbnail

It’s been a long trip from where we started to now. The first mockup I have for what would eventually become Firefox 4 was done in June of 2009 for the then planned Firefox 3.7. The design changed quite a bit from inception to completion. Of course not all aspects of the “final” design made it into Firefox 4.

Where does Firefox visual design go from here? “The Future” is a topic that has been consuming most of my thoughts these days and I plan to write up my thoughts on it soon.

Thanks to everyone who made the visual update for Firefox 4 possible!

* Slideshow built with by Rob Flaherty

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