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Theme Status (Timelines, Panels and Progress)

New Theme Project Status

The New Theme project page has been updated with an extended(and idealized) timeline. I plan on spending much of my time this week getting everything lined up and editing the timeline as necessary and monitoring it going forward.


Mac Theme Patches

Mac Theme Patches

Markus has posted some patches for the Mac theme including toolbar buttons, location bar and tabs.

Mac Theme Patches with Personas

It also works nicely with Personas.


Windows Theme Progress

Windows New Style Tabs

Dao has landed a patch for new tab styling.


Panel Styles

Last week I did some work on styling panels(specifically notifications) on various platforms. Something I have been meaning to do but was prompted by Gavin’s work on notifications and the need for split button visual styling.


[Panels] Windows - Glass Border
[Panels] Windows - Light w/Blue Border
[Panels] Windows - Start Menu-esque Blue/Grey
[Panels] Windows - Start Menu-esque Blue/Grey(Darker)
[Panels] Windows - Dark Grey/Black

Everyone on the UX team liked the Glass Border approach. It is consistent with Windows 7 taskbar panels(with the addition of the half-diamond) and feels lighter.

Download Panel

I also did some work on how this could look for panels outside of notifications like the talked about Downloads panel.


Mac Notifications Panel

An updated Mac notification panel with split button.


Linux Notifications Panel

Ideas for a styling the panels in Linux.


Other Theme Stuff

Edit Tray

Designed an edit “tray” that would appear when editing text.

Panel Indicator

Had some thoughts around indicating a button that would invoke a panel.

Fullscreen Sketch

Sketched out some of the UX Team’s fullscreen brainstorms.

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